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Vertigo Treatment – Exercises - Remedy Fixes

Vertigo Treatment – Exercises

Are you suffering from Vertigo? If you are then I am sure that you are looking for a vertigo treatment that actual will work for you.

Are you tired of unhelpful pharmaceutical drugs? Have the drugs added salt in the wound with their side effects?

Worry not; you're in the right place at the right time. Various home remedies can heal Vertigo in a few days.

Today we'll share with you a non-drug vertigo remedy, and that's head and neck exercises.

The goodness with these exercises they target face and neck muscles which are primary recipients of vertigo effects.

How does Vertigo develop?

Vertigo develops as a result of when various head muscles get stiff.

These muscles include tongue-jaw, throat, neck, and shoulder.

This stiffness leads to a constant tension between the inner ear, hence, affecting body balance.

The strain also restricts blood flow to the head, therefore, depriving the brain some vital nutrients.

Effects of vertigo:

  • Social anxiety
  • Body tension
  • Body balance problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Standing and walking problems

Benefits of the exercises:

  1. Maintains the entire body balance.
  2. Strengthens and loosens the tongue.
  3. Strengthens the head for the fluid in the inner ear to regulate body balance.
  4. Loosens jaw muscles which contribute to vertigo symptoms
  5. Relieves the tension between the shoulder and the jaw which adds to the dizziness.
  6. Enhances powerful breathing, which easily eliminates dizziness.

7. Releases mental tension which cramps muscles around balancing center in the head.
8. Facilitates repeatedly fake yawning which opens the throat and releases face stress.

This list goes on and on there are so many great benefits that you get from exercises. If I took the time to list them all it would take one page on it's own. I really don't want to bore you with all of that so I will focus on vertigo treatment for now.

( You can watch this video to see the full list of exercises and how it can help you heal your vertigo )

Why head and neck exercises?

Well, the exercises don't involve consuming any foreign substance; therefore, there are no side effects.

  • Also, the exercise improves blood circulation all over the body, brain inclusive
  • There is constant blood to the head, especially the brain during the exercises.
  • It must be noted vertigo restricts blood to the head.
  • The supplied blood to the brain during the head exercise is essential for vertigo patients since it's enriched with various nutrients which help in balancing the body.

Exercises also makes the muscles around the neck and head strong. This will help you withstand any form of pressure such as stiffness within and around the head and neck. 

Also, the exercise relaxes the inner ear, hence, establishing stability all the body. The exercises also allow the patients to continue with their medication; there are no any adverse reactions.

What to avoid when doing the exercises:

Alcohol is the number enemy for vertigo patients; it creates a false impression that all is well, which may deceive the patient to stop the exercises.

Also, alcohol weakens both the head and neck muscles, which are very detrimental components in the vertigo healing process.

One should also do away with performance enhancement drugs since they have some hallucination properties.

My final thoughts:

Head and neck exercises work far much better than conventional drugs and resolve what has been a perennial problem for many.

If one's consistent with the prescribed exercise routine, chances are the patient will take a few days to heal.

Even people who have suffered for years and tried every kind of medication under the sun. 3-15 minutes per day is all it takes

These  exercises that I came across deal with the underlying cause of vertigo and dizziness by releasing the tension around the balance system in your ears and eyes.

Therefore, you permanently heal your condition instead of just treating the symptoms.

Click here to test-drive the exercises for yourself, and see how you free yourself from vertigo this is the best vertigo treatment that I have found...

Thanks and enjoy,


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